Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Quick Music Recommendation

I rarely venture out of my main focus of this blog (technology), but I feel that I should pass along a nice gift that I got recently. MacDerm told me about a band called The Smithereens and that they will be playing a free concert at the U. this week. In preparation for the concert, I decided to download some Smithereens music and do a little background reading on them.

Suffice to say I really like them - I won't attempt to analyze their musical style; I leave that to those better qualified to do so. I will just say that they are a very melodic rock band. If you want to get a quick sample, download "Behind the Walls of Sleep" from Amazon and check them out.

One of the most impressive things that I read about the band is that they influenced Kurt Cobain during his writing of Nevermind, an album I consider to be among the greatest ever. You would never guess it at face value - the Smithereens sound nothing like Nirvana to me.

Anyway, thanks to MacDerm for this. I am really looking forward to the concert.

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