Friday, June 4, 2010

iPad App List

Here is a list of the apps that I'm currently running on my iPad. I have no doubt this list will be somewhat volatile, so I will try to update this page with any changes until I get bored doing so.

1. IM+ Lite -- great IM aggregator app. I'm using it for AIM and Gtalk, but I think it can do Facebook chat, Yahoo, and others. Provision for push notifications so you can get IMs when you're in other programs. Free.

2. Facebook -- iPhone app, so renders small on the screen, but works well enough. free.

3. NPR -- can listen to most stories and read all. free.

4. Kindle -- of course. free.

5. -- everyone should have a dictionary handy all the time. This app is a fantastic implementation that works offline. With an Internet connection, you can play phonetic pronunciations of the words -- great for people like me, who grow vocabulary by reading rather than hearing the words spoken. free.

6. Penultimate -- the only app I have paid for. Notebook app that allows for drawing with fingers. Great for meetings and diagraming ideas. Can email images. $2.99

7. AccuWeather -- beautiful app that provides weather quickly and unobtrusively. free.

8. NY Times Editors' Choice -- nice summary of the times in a paper-like layout. free.

9. Netflix -- killer. I can watch any of the "Watch Instantly" content on the device. Looks great. free.

10. OpenTable -- make restaurant reservations on the go. iPhone app. feee.

11. Shakespeare -- collected works, beautifully formatted, unlike some public-domain Kindle works. free or $20 pro version. I may buy the latter just to support the project.

12. Popplet Lite -- good for memory maps and diagraming thoughts. free.

13. Shazam -- IDs songs that are currently playing using the built-in mic. free.

14. Wikipanion -- Nice Wikipedia app. free.

15. Blackboard Mobile -- so I can access my course site on the go. free.

And, of course, I use the built-in apps: Mail, Safari, iPod, Notes (I like this a lot), etc.

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