Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blogging my research

So I have a bad habit of abandoning my blog for semi-long periods of time randomly - sorry for this! But, as I've claimed many times in the past, only to disappoint you time and time again: I've changed. I'm a new blogger. I will not walk out on you again, if you'll consider taking me back.

Great! Now that we're back together, I'd like to tell you about something I'm working on. I'm working on some research about SLAPP suits - you maybe remember that I've written about them before. But this time I'm working on a scholarly piece.

As I do my research, I'm going to try to blog everyday about what I'm reading and what I'm learning. Indeed, I'm going to try to write my paper in chunks, in blog posts that I can later cohere into something, hopefully, usable.

I would love it if you would comment on the posts: any questions you may have, any blatant logical fallacies I've indulged in, or anything you think I got wrong. This would be immensely helpful to me, and I would welcome the discussion!

Thanks for working through this paper with me, and I hope to hear from you!

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