Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Windows XP - Beginning of the End

As of yesterday, 6/30/08, you can no longer walk into a store and purchase a fresh copy of Windows XP. There was a lot of speculation that MS would grant XP an last-minute reprieve, but that, unfortunately, was not to be. Although, as a post in Lifehacker shows, you can still get your hands on XP in a couple of ways. While I do think that the much-maligned Vista is not as bad as it is made out to be, I think it's unfortunate that MS is bringing an end to XP.

I just wanted to take this, my 100th post, to take the opportunity to present my homage to XP. I think that XP is one of the finest operating systems ever created. I always had good experiences with it and never had any significant problems using it. In this nerd's humble opinion, it was leaps and bounds better than its predecessor Windows 2000 - and certainly better than it's immediate successor. XP took 2k's 'plug-and-pray' and refined it into a fine plug-and-play setup. I always joke that you can plug your toaster in XP and it will say, "Windows has detected new hardware, a toaster. How would you like your toast?" (Sorry, geek humor.)

Anyway, I won't drone on. If you are in need of a fresh OS install on your Windows box, I would recommend using one of the tips in the Lifehacker post to get your hands on a copy of XP before January, when it will be completely discontinued.

Goodbye, old friend. We hope that Window 7 will be as good as you were!


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