Monday, June 30, 2008

Seat Guru - Getting the best seat on the plane

OK, I know that I have been obsessing over minute qualitative enhancements to airline travel lately, and I promise to try to think about possibly making this my last post on the topic.

I recently found out about Seat Guru, a site that helps you choose the best seat in any given model of aircraft. All you have to do is select your airline and make/model of plane and you will be presented with a seating chart for that specific aircraft. You can then hover over color-coded seats to find out why or why not said seat is a good choice.

Here's an example. We can see the seats that have limited leg room due to the location of the bulkhead, the seats that cannot fully recline, etc. Now all they need is a way to predict where the crying baby and little kid who kicks your seat will be seated!

This site is really cool. Thanks to Warren for telling me about it!


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