Friday, October 26, 2007

Airport Express

I want an Airport Express so bad. Why don't I have one? I have been too lazy and/or have not had to the time to go out and buy one. I will soon, though.

So, what can this thing do? The Airport Express with AirTunes plugs into your home theater system and allows you to stream music wirelessly from your computer to your home stereo. Wait! It gets better. You can have multiple devices in different locations, each plugged into a different stereo. So, what, you say? Well, you can name each device and your iTunes will see each one and load them into a dropbox. You can then pick which one you want to send your music to.

Let's say you put one of these in your family room and name it (you guessed it) "Family Room." And, you could have another one named "Living Room" and one named "Kitchen" and so forth. Then, you could choose from a listing in your iTunes where you want your music to play!

This technology isn't new by any mean, but Apple gives it their special touch: making it simple to set up and use.

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