Friday, October 19, 2007

Mac Tips

Here are a couple of cool Mac keyboard shortcuts that I've learned about recently:

- Partial Screenshots - Apple + Shift + 4 allows gives you a cursor that you can use to drag out a box over part of you screen. When you release the mouse button, a screenshot of you selection will be taken and saved to your Desktop as a PNG file. This is a lot better than having to take a full screenshot and then crop it down to only show what you want.

- Switching between windows in the same app - you probably know that Apple+tab allows you to toggle through a list of your open apps, but did you know that Apple+` (the key next to 1) allows you to swap between windows within the same app?

Example, let's say you have 5 open chat windows going in iChat. If you want to cycle through them, you could use Apple+` to go through them one by one.

Thanks to Gavin for finding this. Very useful for me with Thunderbird.

- Not a keyboard shortcut, but did you know that you can scroll in any window my dragging two fingers on trackpad? That's right! Instead of having to navigate your mouse to the scroll bar and drag up and down or left and right, you can scroll from anywhere within the window by dragging two fingers on the trackpad.

You do need to enable this in your system settings, though: Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Track Pad ->Use two fingers to scroll.

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