Tuesday, October 23, 2007


So, as a relatively new Mac convert, there are still some things that I miss from Windows. One of them was using SecureCRT. The thing I loved about SecureCRT (starting in version, 5.0, I think) was the tabbed sessions. I loved being able to have separate SSH sessions in different tabs and toggle between the tabs. During the course of a normal day, I need to connect to several different servers, and sometimes have two or three sessions open to the same server. This was managed nicely by SecureCRT.

But, thanks to a recommendation from Kyle and Dareus, I've started using iTerm on my Mac. iTerm supports tabbed sessions and has another feature that I love, not even offered by SecureCRT: window transparency. The greatest thing ever is to be able to see through your SSH window to other programs. Sometimes when I am working with information from an email that I have open, I can look right through my iTerm window at that email. Sweet.

I just started using iTerm today and so far I really like it. There were a couple of things that took some getting used to, but it is way better than the built-in Mac terminal that I had been using.

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Richard said...

Hmm. Tabbed sessions, ok -- maybe that's something to miss about SecureCRT. Though I don't find it a big deal to Cmd-` between windows. (You know that the built-in terminal has window transparency too, right?) And of course, neither SCRT or Apple Terminal is any substitute for being able to switch between your graphical desktop and six virtual terminals on the fly. I'll take that over third-party SSH applications any day.