Saturday, June 21, 2008

Adobe Air

I recently became aware of the existence of Adobe Air, an application platform created by Adobe to allows certain web-based apps to run as installed applications. Interesting. So, for example, once you install Air, you can download an Air-version of Pandora. Then, you can listen to Pandora from a dedicated application, instead of opening up a web browser. Advantage? Maybe that it keeps playing even if you have to restart your browser? Maybe? Grasping at straws? Maybe.

Anyway, I find this technology interesting from more of a philosophical standpoint than from a utilitarian perspective. I think it's very interesting that the preference for client-based vs. web-based software seems to be a pendulum. First, everything was client-based, then we wanted everything to be browser-based so as to reduce system dependencies, now (no doubt thanks to iTunes), the idea of having installed clients is gaining ground again - and, hence, Adobe Air.

I'm currently using the Pandora Air application and it seems to work pretty well. I will keep playing around with Air and post again if I notice anything worth calling out. In the meantime, if you want to see a listing of Air apps, you can get a good listing here. There really are a ton of apps for such a new technology. Maybe you will find something you like there.

Any thoughts on this topic welcome, as always.


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