Monday, June 16, 2008

Weave for Firefox

One of the problems that has always plagued users of multiple computers is the fragmentation of settings and data. Over the years, solutions have come along to bring a sense of synchrony to distributed desktop computing - IMAP email, server-hosted IM buddy lists, Remote Desktop, etc. One area where there is still a disconnect is browser settings - your bookmarks, preferences, your browsing history. I, personally, rely heavily on my browsing history to store the URL's of websites that I need. So, when I'm on my home computer, and it doesn't know the sites I was using on work computer earlier that day, it slows me down considerably. But, it looks like Mozilla Labs has come up with a solution: Weave.

Weave is a technology that synchronizes several aspects of Firefox, including bookmarks, history, and prefernces, across all of your computers. This is a cross-platform solution that seems like it would be very useful to anyone who uses Firefox on multiple computers. The software is still in a very early build (version .1!), so it's possible that there are still bugs to be worked out.

I haven't tried it out yet myself, but I plan to shortly. This is a great concept, and I hope that development continues on the project. If you happen to try out Weave, let me know what you think !

Thanks to my friend Chris Leary for telling me about Weave!


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