Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Delicious Library

Do you ever wish you could keep an inventory of that pile of CD's and DVD's that you own? Do you loathe the idea of having to type in information about each disc but, at the same time, want a complete record of everything you own? Well, my friend, if you own a Mac, look no further than Delicious Library.

This is a pretty sweet app that Al M. showed me a while ago. You can actually scan the bar codes on your DVD and CD cases using the built-in cam on your Mac! Yes, you read that correctly: you can scan bar codes like those infrared things they use at the supermarket using your built-in iSight.

Once you scan a CD or DVD, Delicious will look it up in an online database and present you with a graphical view of the disc, containing cover art and a bunch of metadata. You can inventory your whole library quickly and easily! It even works for books and video games. Sweet!

Anyway, this app will run you $40, but if you have a large pile of media that you would like inventoried, it seems like a pretty reasonable deal.

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