Thursday, November 8, 2007

gOS? Hmm.

I assume you have all formatted your computers and installed your copy of gOS by now. If you don't feel like doing all of that work, you could always throw out your current junky machine and get one with gOS pre-installed for $199. (I'm totally being sarcastic.)

I'll give you one guess what the "g" in gOS stands for. You guessed it. For those who didn't here is a quote from the gOS site:

"We recommend Google for just about everything... Gmail, Gtalk, Calendar, Maps, Docs and Spreadsheets, and more. We'd like to welcome you to the idea that Google already is your 'operating system.'"


So, this is an operating system centered around Google apps. It has an Apple-esque dashboard that contains Google alternatives to popular applications. For example, you would have a link to Google Docs & Spreadsheets instead of MS Office.

I don't mean to sound so critical about this, as I love many Google products. But, there is something highly unsettling about a company who makes the vast majority of its money through advertising and user analysis being the basis of an operating system. Insofar as I can tell, this is just a hacked (customized) version of Ubuntu Linux and there is no formal link to Google, Inc., but I'm curious as to whether it will stay that way.

Take from this what you like.

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