Monday, November 19, 2007

If I May Boast For A Second...

Please allow me this opportunity to bask in the glory of triumph over the trials of home ownership, to revel in my victory in the battle of man vs. appliance. Yesterday, days before Thanksgiving, my wall oven decided to cease functioning.

OK, I generally recoil in terror at the thought of fixing anything that does not have a network port. Given the fact that: 1) this freakin' thing has to be simpler than some of the systems I work on and 2) my wife being very upset about her inability to bake during the days leading up to Thanksgiving, I decided to try to figure this out.

Here are the facts:
- the broiler still worked - there was a little coil that would go red hot and ignite the gas coming out of a burner
- bake mode did *not* work - there was a matching coil at the bottom of the oven that never heated up

The hypothesis: The igniter for the baking part of the oven is broken.

The experiment: My wife went out, located, and purchased a new igniter. We turned off the power to the over at the breaker, I removed the old igniter, and spliced in the new one. Yes, I did wire splices and everything!

The result: Success!

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jamielio said...

a thanksgiving miracle!