Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for...

...having my Mac back!! I'm thrilled to report that my Mac is back to its old self and we are reunited. I got a my new AC adapter - which I could have had 3 days ago if it weren't for a certain snafu with the store where I purchased it - and I am back up and running.

You know, whenever I heard people say how they need a certain computing setup to be productive, I always would question the merits of such an idea. I took great pride in one of my favorite sentiments, "it doesn't matter which OS, browser, or client you put in front of me; I can use them all." Well, it turns out that only half of that is true: I *can* use them all. However, it *does* matter what I am using.

I find myself to be vastly more productive on my Mac than on my PC. The same is true of browsers and clients. Not having my Firefox and Thunderbird, complete with all of my add-ons tuned the way I like them, really did hurt my pace. I wanted my Quicksilver - start->run wasn't cutting it anymore.

I'm not trying to be a baby about all of this - I mean, at least I had another computer to use. I just want to express the point that whether it be real or psychological, a dramatic change in systems can make you feel like you are moving way slower than usual.

Al F. has been telling me this for years, about how if he doesn't have his tech set up just the way he likes it, it will dramatically and adversely affect his productivity. Well, Al, you're right!

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Al Filreis said...

Amen to that, brother Chris! Here's to getting set up just right...and riding a top speed down this networked highway.... - Al