Monday, November 12, 2007

On a personal note...

I am having a tough time coping with my Mac being down. The power brick decided to fry (and I mean that pretty literally; there was a puff of smoke and all) and the battery is dead. So, I have no way of charging it up. The replacement brick is en route, but I have to suffer through using a PC until it gets here.

This is kind of ironic, me being a Windows expatriate, but I have to say that ever since I switched to Mac, I will not even consider going back to a PC. I'm not going to PC-bash and say that Macs are better, but I find myself to be way more productive on a Mac. This is probably due to the high level of customization that I have on my Mac (Quicksilver, etc.).

It's extra ironic because my first computer was a Mac (when I was 5 years old) and so were my second and third computers. Back then, there was truth in the stereotype that Macs didn't have anywhere near the plethora of software available to their "IBM-clone" counterparts. I could never play the games my friends could (enter violin music). This is actually one of the reasons why I have some of my current skills (HTML, C/C++, etc.): because just about the only thing my Mac was good for was nerdy, under-the-hood types of things. I vowed to get a PC someday and never turn back.

Well, so much for that...

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