Saturday, November 3, 2007

There are a couple of areas where I usually lag behind everyone else: music and Web 2.0 technologies. For music, the reason is pretty simple: I listen to my MP3 collection all of the time and rarely get exposed to radio or any other medium that distributes new music. Therefore, the other day, when I happened to listen to the radio for a while, I heard a "new" band. I told my wife later, "hey, have you ever heard of this new band, The White Stripes?" She just shook her head at me. Apparently, they are not so new. Whatever.

As for Web 2.0 technologies, I guess my disinterest in tagging and every site having a social tilt is the cause for my current place on the late-adopter end of the curve. That said, thanks to MacDerm and Warren and I have decided to try out The idea is that you store all of your bookmarks online in an easily accessible place, rather than in your browser's bookmarks section.

Then, if you're into the whole Web 2.0 thing, you can tag your bookmarks and make them public so that people searching on the tags you used will find them. This, I'm less interested in. comes with a cool Firefox plug-in that makes adding links very easy. You can also get to your online repository of links easily with the plug-in.

Anyway, if you've been using this technology for years and you are utterly bored by this post, my apologies! Otherwise, I would recommend checking this out.

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