Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wireless Power?

So, generally, I try to post about technologies that make my life easier or technologies that probably would make my life easier if I was motivated enough to try them out - i.e. I post about things that already exist. However, tonight I will make an exception and post about a miracle technology that is supposed to be coming out soon, wireless power transmission.

I read about a company called Powercast that is creating a device to wirelessly transmit power to devices. The technology works with a pair of devices: a transmitter that plugs into the wall and sends power from the outlet wirelessly, as radio waves, and a "dime-size" receiver that can receive the transmitted power from up to a yard away.

If this is true and it actually works well, it will be blockbuster. Imagine never having to plug your computer in. Over time, we have seen the need for physical wiring in desktop computer setups wane. First we abandoned our CAT-5 cables for wireless Internet, then our wired keyboards and mice for their wireless counterparts. At this point, there are only two wired connections that really prevent us from being completely wireless: power and video. If this technology is for real, we can eliminate the former.

If all of that isn't enough for you, the company claims that it can produce the receiver for around $5.

So, let's keep an eye out for this. It sounds pretty sweet.

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