Monday, November 26, 2007

Mouse Gestures

Well, I have to assume that for one of my computing ideals, the desire to control everything on my computer through keyboard commands, there is an antithesis: the desire to use the mouse as the predominant input device. While this is contrary to my entire computing style, it doesn't make the latter any less valid. For all of the "mouse people" out there, I can across an app called Mouse Gestures that might be of interest.

Mouse Gestures is an add-on for Firefox that allows you execute command by holding down a key (presumably of your designation) and moving your cursor in a given pattern. For example, if you move the mouse is a straight line from right to left, it will perform the same action as click the "back" button. (Don't know why you wouldn't just press the backspace key!) You could also open a new tab with a given link by drawing a vertical line through said link. (Somewhat more interesting.)

More interesting, though, is the ability to define your own mouse actions. It seems that Mouse Gestures allows you to define your own gestures to execute just about any action the browser is capable of executing. So, for example, you could define a rule that adds the current page you are visiting to your bookmarks whenever you draw an elephant with your cursor. :)

Anyway, I'm joking around because this isn't my working style, but this seems like a pretty cool app.

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