Friday, November 16, 2007


First off, allow me to apologize for the heavy concentration of Mac-centric posts of late. I don't mean to shun the PC-users out there. It's just that I use a Mac everyday and therefore, I end up finding mostly cool Mac apps. I promise I will make an effort to promote systemic diversity on my blog from now on...sometimes...

Anyway, back to Mac software. I came across TextWrangler (from the makers of BBEdit) today and I have to say that I really enjoy it. Traditionally, I have been a UNIX, work-right-on-the-server, I-don't-need-a-GUI kinda guy. Well, I still am, but I am starting to back off that stance a little, mainly due to the ease of use provided by TextWrangler.

is a free, robust text editor. It can do syntax coloring and, most notably, work over SFTP connections. In other words, when I work on web pages with it, I get the best of both worlds: I get a syntax-colored text editor and I don't have to download/upload whenever I want to make a change - and, it's secure.

I would highly recommend checking this out, especially of you do any kind of web work.

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