Sunday, November 25, 2007


Dear Stazz's Stuff Readers:

I need to ask you for a favor. I've set a standard of posting multiple times a day to my blog - hopefully, posts that are somewhat useful to you. However, it is starting to become apparent that it will be difficult to keep up this pace while still posting content of any value. I will continue to try in earnest.

I'd like to ask you this: if you come across interesting technologies or applications, would you please let me know about them? I will, of course, give you your due credit in the post. It can really be anything: little utilities that make your life easier, web sites that you use frequently, whatever. You've seen the site; you know what the focus is like.

If you know my email address, just send me an email with your post ideas. Otherwise, just comment on this post and I will see it.

I've immensely enjoyed developing this blog and I look forward to continuing to post information that may help make your computing life easier!

Thanks very much,


jamielio said...

i will pass this along to alfie. he has plenty of free time.

Richard said...

How about Google Android?